mdbox audio vibration
step by step guide


One of the main goal for a simracer is to reach the maximum level of immersion possible. This goal can be chased adding some real life effect on your rig, like force feedback on the wheel and dynamic movements of the platform.
Vibrations can play an important role in the whole experience of a racing driver, the secret is having an high performance system to produce the effects with the right setting. Usually bass shackers or butt kickers are used for this application, but we have a better alternative and that’s the MS103 actuators kit.
That’s right, those powerful actuators not only have amazing performance as a dynamic platform, but they can integrate vibrations effects with just a special cable and one usb audio card, paired with SimTools.

what is it?

This is a quick guide to enable vibration feedback on the MS103 actuators kit. Follow closely all the steps to reach the intended goal.

what do you need?

You need a MDBOX-NV30xXEV4 controller unit, one custom audio cable and another audio card.

about the controller

In order to meet the 4D cinema audio vibration special effects function, the company recently launched a new controller with audio vibration MDBOX-NV3030EV4, added AD interface based on MDBOX-NV3030EV2, directly connected to audio analog signal, with 2 convenient interface Multiple units are connected in parallel, and the controller internally controls the servo motor to vibrate with the frequency and amplitude of the audio signal. The motor drives the transmission structure such as the electric cylinder to vibrate like a subwoofer, which brings double impact of hearing and feeling. This scheme is more integrated and cost-effective than the 4D cinema traditional solution to increase the audio decoder and audio filter. The gain, zero drift and filter parameter adjustment are more convenient.

specification codes

Legacy stock code Legacy spec model New stock code New spec model
001482 MDBOX-NV3020EV2 001878 MDBOX-NV3020EV4
001984 MDBOX-NV3030EV2 001879 MDBOX-NV3030EV4


The upgraded MDBOX-30X0EV4 fully supports all the functions of the existing MDBOX, and has been upgraded in the following two aspects:
• the keyboard display part supports the display of the Motion part and the
Servo part (A/B/C axis) by switching the buttons. Parameters, convenient
for customer site parameter configuration;
• support audio input function;
• AD interface definition.

fabricating the cable

what do you need?

1. One RJ11 or RJ12 connector (doesn’t matter if 6, 4 or 2 pins)
2. One audio cable with 3,5 mm jack

wiring diagram

• Check with a tester which cables are connected to the two central pins on the RJ11 connector (the rest of the pins will not be used);
• one of the two central pins cables from the RJ11 connector (doesn’t matter which one) goes to the copper shield;
• the other cable goes to the stereo cables pair (both of them);
• seal the job with heat-shrink tubing.

interface connection

Plug the cable (on the RJ11 side) into one of the two connectors highlighted in the picture, doesn’t matter which one you choose. The other end of the cable has to be connected into the audio output of your secondary audio card.

controller's values

In order to make the new interface work, you need to adjust some values on controller’s panel.


During this process, all the actuators need to be fully connected and working, otherwise multiple errors might occur.

how to navigate options

First cycle with the “SEL” button which one of your actuators you want to set, starting from “A” (led will light up).

Then press twice the “MODE” button to get the “F1 000” value on screen.

Now press button “▲” or “▼” to enter the value highlighted in the table on the next page (to cycle digits press “◄/SET” button).

Once you have entered the value needed press and hold “◄/SET” button.

Now you are inside the setting and you can enter the same way the recommended value.

To confirm the new value press and hold “◄/SET” button.

To go back press “MODE” button, and do the same for all the values present in the table on the next page.


Keep in mind that the “F1 000” is a value correct only for the actuator A. When the B actuator will be selected the value will be “F2 000” and “F3 000” for the C actuator, and so on. DO THIS FOR ALL ACTUATORS!

software setup

Now it’s the time to setup your game profile using GameVibe on SimTools or other similar softwares. Due to the extreme variety of settings available on this topic, we will not address a step by step guide and we recommend to read the tutorials available on https://www.xsimulator.net forum and on https://simtools.us website.